Best Selling Portable HighChairs For Babies Reviews 2017

With baby number four due in much less compared to 3 months my other half and I have actually been anxiously aiming to obtain reacquainted with the huge world of infant gear. My youngest is four, so it's been nearly five years given that we've had to acquire infant products-- which may also be a life time truthfully, a lot has changed it's primarily like beginning all over! A high chair was among the products we simply could not settle on.

Over the last 8 years I have actually had 3 different high chairs, due to the fact that I never like one sufficient to maintain it for the following baby. My earliest had a very fancy, thoroughly crafted timber chair, which was the messiest point in the world. Child food and the million cracks as well as gaps that occur with a wooden high chair do not mix well. It was a headache to clean. We changed to plastic chairs for the next 2 infants and it might have saved some rubbing ... but not nearly enough. Straps that were impossible to eliminate spots from, little hiding areas for run out food. to me a high chair was simply a bulky item that forever had to be cleaned.

So envision my shock at Blog owner Bash this year when I strolled past the Fisher Price booth to see the high chair on screen disassembled and also sitting inside a dish washer. Due to the fact that if you have actually ever before attempted to cleanse a high chair you'll understand exactly how glorious that minute was, can you imagine that for second--. Of course I had a million concerns, as well as I'm really excited to be able to obtain my solutions initial hand with this Fisher Rate 4-in-1 Total amount Clean High Chair Review.

Very first allow's talk features, since the Fisher Price 4-in-1 Total amount Clean High Chair has plenty of them. Operating as four various seats the Fisher Rate 4-in-1 Overall Clean High Chair makes easy tidy up a concern by flaunting a dish washer risk-free high chair seat, wipe tidy straps and also a crevice totally free, stain immune and also machine cleanable seat cover and infant insert. So when I was assessing this chair I had 2 goals: initially, take the chair apart and also reconstruct it to determine how simple it would be to transform configurations and also 2nd-- to get the chair truly filthy and see how well it cleaned up. Look into my video review to see on your own, or check out an in depth review listed below!

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Full Size High Chair


  • 3 recline & 6 elevation positions to locate the ideal suitable for you as well as your infant
  • Hole Free, Spot Resistant and machine washable seat cover and newborn insert
  • Easy tidy bands, made from silicone instead of textile the straps are comfortable as well as still soft, but simply wipe tidy-- say goodbye to fabric to tarnish or little grooves to scrub food out of.
  • Detachable tray liner and also one hand tray removal
  • High Chair Seat is removable and dish washer safe
  • Wipes Storage space in the foot rest
  • Tray storage on the back of the chair, and also an easy layer framework making storage simple

Space Conserving High Chair


  • Conveniently eliminate high chair seat as well as utilize on an existing chair to conserve area, or for practical usage while taking a trip
  • 3 recline settings
  • Crevice-free, tarnish resistant as well as maker washable seat cover & newborn instert
  • Dish washer secure seat
  • Easy Clean Straps
  • Removeable Tray liner and also one hand tray removal

Booster Seat:

  • Remove the seat pad & high chair back and the high chair immediately changes right into a car seat.
  • Usage with any kind of existing chair, hassle-free for taking a trip.
  • Wipe tidy straps
  • Dishwasher Safe seat

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Youth Chair:

  • High Chair Base conveniently converts into a young people chair.
  • Could support approximately 50 lbs.
  • 2 Height Modifications to suit table and also kid dimension.
  • Easy Clean
  • Quickly folds in half for easy storage.

In general, it takes only a minute or 2 to alter the high chair to a new setup. Everything either clicks in or out. One actually neat point I understood is that I can utilize the area saving high chair on my dining room chair, as well as use the young people seat at the very same time.

This was actually interesting for me, specifically with a large family-- at holidays and also parties I will get an additional child seat, and even for every day use, I could place the baby in the space saving high chair as well as allow my 4 years of age to use the youth seat. For any person who takes a trip typically, or even for a person searching for a highchair for granny's home-- this is a very neat perk.

I did after that proceed to cover the chair in baby food-- directing my inner 9 month old to duplicate an unpleasant lunch (ensure to take a look at my video clip review to see the outcomes on your own!). After that I took apart the seat, placed the seat cover as well as newborn insert into the washering, positions the high chair seat itself into my dishwashing machine together with the tray lining and allow everything run. A little over an hour later I placed every little thing back together as well as inspected it for spots-- to my severe relief, there wasn't a solitary remaining tarnish.


The chair fit well into my dish washer-- of course don't expect to be able to fit anything else as the chair takes rather a lot all offered space (my dishwashing machine is 10 years old, so your mileage could differ below). The chair was reassmbled in under five minutes.

The high chair wipes up incredibly well with simply a moist cloth and also some meal soap on a normal basis. I definitely love that I have the alternative of an extra complete tidy, as well as it's something I would definitely do once a week to maintain the chair looking brand-new.

To sum my review up, Fisher Price has actually really struck a fantastic mark here with the 4-in-1 Total Tidy High Chair. The baby grimaces, gags, and shudders. He pounds the tray of his high chair. Not only is tidy up simplified, they have actually resolved some major issues most high chairs face, like bands that are conveniently discolored.

This also make travel actually simple when you know you'll need to bring your very own seat and makes the chair a fantastic option for grandparents or babysitter who might not require the chair everyday-- not just could it store out of sight quickly, it can be made use of for several years without should buy anything new. The Fisher Price 4-in-1 Overall Tidy High Chair end up being a solid buy for the price.

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